Rainbow Children Young Adult

Data: January 11 - 15, 2021

vezes: 15h30 a 20h

Prerequisites: None

Idioma (s): English,Portuguese


Total Seminário Valor: 3500.00 BRL

Valor do depósito: 0.00 BRL

seminário Valor: 3500.00 BRL


Rua Dona Elídia Ana de Campos, 399 Campinas, SP Brazil 13076-617

Sobre seu instrutor

Fernanda Oliveira Zambelli

Um Practitioner Certified Independent, Instrutor, Mestre, Certificado de Ciência




Servindo os seguintes locais:

Campinas / Ribeirão Preto / São Paulo, Maceió / Goiânia / Uberaba, Brazil
fezamb@yahoo.com.br, www.fernandazambelli.com, Brazil

ThetaHealing™ Rainbow Children Young Adult

Duration: Various

This seminar fulfills Vianna's vision of teaching the Rainbow Children. Our world is now blessed with Rainbow Children, Teens, Young Adults that are intuitively gifted individuals who are extremely loving, with memories of other times and places, who bring with them infinite love and patience.

Rainbow Children are wise souls offering new wisdom and possessing the ability to change the world around them. They are sensitive, compassionate and aware of others’ feelings.


Indigo Children ushered in a new age and can be influenced by negativity around them, but can now shift to Rainbow Children.

Rainbow Children seminars are designed for them, their parents, caregivers and teachers. This remarkable programme will validate and enhance their spiritual development in a safe and loving environment, so they can share their own special gifts with others.


You will go on an adventure and learn how to connect to the Creator: then learn a wide range of ThetaHealing® techniques such as how to do the belief work and how to create positive feelings; empathic readings; healings of the body and the soul; guided meditations; future and guardian readings.


Through the Seven Planes of Existence students will learn wonderful ways to communicate with angels and plants; how to heal with crystals; how to connect to power animals; drumming and totems, plus develop their telekinesis; and know how to change auras and heal animals.


You will learn 16 different exercises to practice either as a child or young adult.


 Seminar Includes: Either ThetaHealing Young Adult Manual or ThetaHealing Children's Manual 

Additional Class Information

Para adultos e crianças a partir de 7 anos!
Sem pré-requisitos!
Curso com apostila e certificado internacional
Coffee break
Registo no site oficial THinK
P.S. Há um hostel de excelente qualidade, novinho, atravessando a rua, na mesma quadra!
Rua Dona Elídia Ana de Campos, 386
Taquaral, Campinas - SP, 13076-617
Telefone: 11 98457 8776

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